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Lawyer Trust Account : A great alternative to escrow
Posted on Thursday August 27, 2015

Experienced domain investors actively engaging in sizable sales and acquisitions utilize the services of an established escrow service, such as The use of an escrow service ensures that both parties engage in and fulfill their part of the agreement – exchanging domains for money. There are times when using the services of an escrow […]

Domain misnomers : Chinese premium letters ?
Posted on Tuesday August 25, 2015

The accuracy of a term is important, especially when defining a class of information. With domains, the term “premium letters” has been defined as a subset of the Latin alphabet, typically excluding the following letters: Q,Y,J,K,Z,X,C,V Although some premium domain keywords rely on non-premium letters – comes to mind – the idea is that […]

Some confusion among domain buyers at Domain Name Sales
Posted on Monday August 24, 2015

I’ve been using Domain Name Sales to both park and sell domain names, ever since I moved my entire portfolio away from Sedo three years ago. Since then, I’ve successfully completed numerous domain sales, utilizing several different escrow services or directly; the common denominator is that the lander has been that of DNS. For the […]

My nominations for THE Domain Conference awards
Posted on Friday August 21, 2015

It feels strange knowing that there’s no more TRAFFIC conference. After a decade of successful domain industry shows, Rick Schwartz retired in triumph, and currently safeguards the TRAFFIC name, brand and legacy. Meanwhile, Howard Neu, TRAFFIC co-founder and partner, moves on with THE Domain Conference, that once again uses South Florida as its stomping grounds. […]

How much is your .XYZ domain worth today?
Posted on Tuesday August 11, 2015

The news so far: Google acquired ABC.XYZ, a “domain hack” that perhaps the Campbell Soup Company would also appreciate. Outside of this deal, the substance is about how Google created an umbrella corporation for itself, called Alphabet, and will thus give its founders new roles, away from Google. It’s like reshuffling the company and giving […]

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