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Duane Forrester is up for grabs
Posted on Thursday October 30, 2014

Meeting Duane Forrester, Bing’s search engine guru, during NamesCon was an empowering moment. Duane’s not just a remarkably intelligent professional, he also possesses the interpersonal skills to deliver his knowledge and wisdom, in powerful blasts of information. As the closing speaker at NamesCon, he delivered the facts with a charming eloquence that big comedians possess, […]

Rust Consulting delivers again as manager of the LCD class action lawsuit settlement funds
Posted on Monday October 27, 2014

If you don’t remember who Rust Consulting are, let me refresh your memory; they managed the settlement and rebates from the infamous “Hank Alvarez” scandal for SnapNames in 2009. Rust Consulting has been involved in managing the settlement process and funds for several other class action lawsuits, including one for Nutella that’s been pending for […]

Domain registrars: The good, the bad and the ugly
Posted on Tuesday October 21, 2014

ICANN accreditation of domain registrars requires both a strict adherence to the standards mandated by ICANN, and a business approach that understands the complexities of the market. With that in mind, not all domain registrars are created equal. This is not a registrar ranking diatribe, however; I’m not judging registrars by anything other than their […]

When you inquire about a domain, don’t pitch your own
Posted on Wednesday October 15, 2014

It’s common sense: When I go to a store to buy a product, I don’t turn around at the checkout to sell my services instead of paying for the item. This exact, unprofessional behavior applies to domain name inquiries as well. A person who introduced himself as a domain investor from India, placed an offer […]

The Internet, 20 years later: Party like it’s 1994
Posted on Tuesday October 14, 2014

Around this time this week, twenty years ago, I connected to the “real Internet”, using a borrowed 9,600 bps modem. There is one word to describe the experience: Slow. It wasn’t just the already obsolete modem’s speed, but also the national pipeline’s available bandwidth, a T1 pipe to Pipex UK connecting Greece to the rest […]

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