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Not all Chinese domain investors are worth dealing with
Posted on Friday February 05, 2016

There are plenty of domain professionals from China that are honest, up front and willing to engage in domain transactions with Westerners. They speak adequate English, and at any rate, better than my Mandarin. Whether you sell to the Chinese, or buy domains from them, you’re bound to come across some shady characters. I sold […]

Update: Domain Name Sales tackles remaining issues
Posted on Friday February 05, 2016

Three issues I shared in a post about Domain Name Sales yesterday, were addressed with record speed. All three glitches most likely affected everyone’s domain portfolios, and while they were random in their occurrence they were also frustrating. It seems that a caching server exists between what one sees in the back-end, while editing their […]

Three issues at Domain Name Sales while the Uniregistry Market is on its way
Posted on Friday February 05, 2016

Ever since I saw Frank Schilling’s presentation of the Uniregistry Market and the presentation of the app during NamesCon, I’ve been patiently awaiting its upcoming launch. Uniregistry has been very consistent in improving its services, and the unification of the Domain Name Sales platform with the registrar services is expected to resolve many issues. I’d […]

Domain portfolios : ‘Friendly prices’ might not be the best you can get
Posted on Wednesday January 27, 2016

To paraphrase an old saying: When offered a non-gift horse, by all means look it in the mouth. Domain portfolios are often paraded among peers, in exclusive emails or lists that are shared around. Quite often, the list is sent out on the pretext that prices quoted are “friendly prices.” This type of statement, coming […]

Domain conferences are not solely for selling domains
Posted on Tuesday January 26, 2016

Many domain investors that do not attend domain conferences actively, view them as a vehicle for selling domains from their inventory. When I attended TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, Florida, I too had aspired to sell domains during the auction. While that didn’t happen, it was a blessing in disguise, as some of my listings were […]

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