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Afternic – A pleasant surprise of a domain acquisition venue
Posted on Tuesday July 15, 2014

Like many other domain investors, I received the news of Afternic’s acquisition by GoDaddy last year with mixed emotions. Giant companies that incorporate other smaller entities into their business structure, are never good news for the smaller company and its employees. However, Afternic doesn’t seem to have lost any of its prime glory, and a […]

When the reserve is nothing but a bait number
Posted on Monday July 14, 2014

Maintaining the dual roles of domain buyer and domain seller, is not an easy task. One has to juggle between these two roles – rolled together into the joint function of “domain investor” – and keep an objective approach to business. As a domain seller, whenever I offer domains for sale on various venues, if […]

Swimming in a sea of domain freebies
Posted on Friday July 11, 2014

A little over a week ago, I asked Network Solutions and XYZ to “cut the bullshit” and end the blind give-away promotions that have polarized the domain industry and have created artificial registration numbers. Not to mention, both companies involved lost a substantial amount of “face” in the industry. Despite “promises” that if I didn’t […]

Close the domain deal quicker with a not-so-appealing alternative
Posted on Friday July 04, 2014

Happy July 4th and TGIF. I’ve seen some lengthy, multi-part “instructions” recently about how to close domain deals. Things aren’t that complex, really. Deals begin with an offer and/or a quote. If the offer or the quote aren’t accepted, we move onto what I call “the not so appealing alternative.” Having just closed yet another […]

XYZ / Network Solutions: Cut the bullshit already!
Posted on Wednesday July 02, 2014

In case you were wondering whether the infamous XYZ promotion by Network Solutions has stopped or not, I can assure you it’s still going full force. With more than 200,000 .XYZ domain names under the management of Network Solutions, it’s mathematically certain that these are all automatic registrations via an XYZ / NetSol agreement. Having […]

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